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Tmi nannasalmi™ has manufactured horsehair jewellery since 2000. The company is owned and managed by Nanna Salmi.


This unique nannasalmi™ collection combines old world craftsmanship with contemporary modern design. The ribbons are miniature fabrics woven with horsehair and are combined with precious metals and stones. Each piece of the collection is completely handmade in Finland with the hair of your horse or with stock hair.

The collection is designed by Nanna Salmi.

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The metal parts of nannasalmi™ horsehair jewellery collection are cast with one of the oldest jewellery casters in Finland, Koruvalimo K. Raiskinen Ky. They’re known for their high quality and their respect to the craft traditions.

The finishing of the metal parts and the setting of gemstones is done by top professional goldsmiths.

The gemstones to all of the jewellery comes from a Finnish company called Timanttiala Oy.

All the gemstones used in nannasalmi™ horsehair jewellery are classified according to international standards. They are all acquired from legitimate sources that haven’t been a part or financing any conflicts and are acting in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations.

Kultaseppä Marjut Viitanen

Goldsmith Lauri Eno

Goldsmith Marjut Viitanen

Engraver Tarja Kaarnakoski

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