Your horse means a world to you, we know that.

Over the years you two have created a very close and meaningful relationship.

Let us provide you a piece of jewellery to turn this relationship into an everlasting bond.


Your horse is unique,

so is the piece of jewellery we create for you using your horse´s tail hair in the weave.

The original nannasalmi collection since 2000.

Designed by Nanna Salmi, hand crafted in Finland.




Silver – stamp 925
Gold – 14K rose gold, stamp 585
White gold – stamp 585
Yellow gold by request.
Each piece of nannasalmi™ horsehair jewellery is also hallmarked by Nanna Salmi's personal stamp NSD.



In silver Swarovski's cubic zirconias, in gold and white gold diamonds, quality class w/vs.



Engravings are handcrafted.


The inner part of rings is lightly convex.
Sizes, inside diameter 15–15,5–16 etc. –21 mm


Please do not wear the bracelet next to a metal wristband or a watch continuously, metal edges may abrade the ribbon.


A care of your nannasalmi™ horse hair piece is important for a long-term wear and enjoyment. We recommend to use a polishing cloth for metal parts. They can be purchased at most jewellers.

For more thorough cleaning a mild soap can be used, such as a mild hand wash dish soap, or you may wish to purchase an ultrasound bath cleaner, which is also available in various stores and jewellers.

To preserve the hair we do not recommend wearing horsehair bracelets beside watches or other metal jewellery. Horse hair is strong, but it is organic, and should be protected against excessive wear and tear.



Orders accepted only from persons 18 years or older.


Our jewelry is warranted against defects in the metals and stones used and manufacturing. Warranty does not cover an item lost or damaged by a client.

A client has the right to return a product if it is not made as ordered.

Overall appearance and color of a horsehair ribbon varies depending on the characteristics of horse's hair delivered by a client.



Delivery time is 4 – 6 weeks from the time a client's horsehair has arrived at our facility (if appropriate) and an invoice is paid.



It is our goal to exceed your expectations of us and of our products. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us so that we can help. In the unlikely event that further negotiations regarding your purchase become necessary, we pledge to follow recommendations of the Consumer commissioner (Finland).

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